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Warner Board of Selectmen

Meeting Agenda

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Located at the Town Hall (5 East Main St.) 				

I. Appointments:
6:00 - Ed Mical, EMD Director, status update on emergency management projects
6:30 - Ed Raymond, Fire Chief, present a recommendation quote for a replacement fire truck
7:00 - Rebecca Courser - Boston Post Cane

II. Projects/Old Business:
1. Status Reports on the following:
Solar Array construction -		Economic Development Committee - 
Corrective Action Plan - 		Job & Wage analysis - 
New Fire Station site -			Selling town parcels - 
Personnel & Town Policies review - 	Town Hall front lawn -

2. Board action on filling committee and board vacancies
3. Approve the revised services agreement with Thornton Associates, LLC

III. New Business:
1. Open sealed bids for sale and removal of Gordon Smith's house
2. Board action on contracts for SMP and North Branch Construction 
3. Review bids for EXIT sign installation and other electrical work
4. Review draft list of towns to be used for the compensation study
IV. Minutes:
June 6 - nonpublic, June 7 - public & non-public, June 12 - public & non-public, 
June 14 - public, June 20 public & non-public	 

V. Manifest & Consent Agenda

VI. Selectman's Other Business/Committee Reports

VII. Public Comments

VIII. Non Public Sessions 

RSA 91-A: 3 II ( ) 

IX. Adjournment