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Warner Board of Selectmen

Meeting Agenda

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2018 AT 6:00 PM

I. Appointments:
6:00 pm -  Ed Mical, EMD, update on EMP grant, Hazard Mitigation Plan update, and approval
     of federal 	      assistance for the Oct. 2017 storm and Memorandum of Understanding
     with Northeast College. 

II. New Business:
1.  Unregistered vehicles on private property in Warner - review     /revise draft
     procedure for responding to complaints about     unregistered vehicles.
2.  Abatement application - timber yield tax, Scheffey
3.  Renew barn preservation easement for Rona Bock
4.  Letter of Support/Wheelabrator
5.  Town Administrator report
 III. Projects/Old Business
1. Job & Wage analysis - schedule another work session?
2. Personnel & Town Policies review - hold
3. New Fire Station - status report
4. Selling town parcels -  Covered in T. A. report
5. Town Hall Lawn -  status report
6. Municipal Records Retention Committee -  status report
7. Non-Public Meeting Minutes - hold until next meeting

IV. Minutes:    
July 3, 17, 23 & 31, August 1

V. Manifest & Consent Agenda

VI. Selectman's Other Business/Committee Reports

VII. Public Comments

VIII. Non - Public Sessions
RSA 91-A: 3 II ( )  as needed

IX. Adjournment
  • Agenda is posted when received.
  • The Selectmen's meeting agenda is not the official posting for the Selectmen's meeting.
  • The agenda is subject to change at the Selectmen's discretion up to/during the meeting.
  • The Select Board reserves the right to hold any non-public session during the regular meeting, whether noted on the Agenda or not. Notice of a non-public session on an agenda is for planning purposes only. The citations to the Right-to-Know Law, set out at NH RSA 91-A, are provisional and may be revised as circumstances required.